About Me

I weave because I love fiber, texture and color.  Weaving is unplugged and earth-friendly.  It is slow cloth.  Clothing from my loom is woven with intention for depth, uniqueness and elegance.  Riverweave clothes are original creations, featuring relaxed lines to wear in comfort and style. I am also drawn to a more structured weave, as in table runners, rugs, and wall hangings.  I make fewer of these, but when I do, I relish the process of making a piece that can bring beauty to the home environment.
Thanks for looking at my shop and for appreciating the craft of weaving—and for supporting a small arts business.

Weaving at a Glance

This is a warping reel. Here, the different colors I'm
using to create fabric are lined up to become my warp. 
This is the chained warp from the warping reel, threaded
through the reed (a detachable, comblike part of the loom).
From here, I'll bring the threaded warp over to the loom and wind it on.
The finished textile design, a result of patiently threading the
fibers through the loom heddles to create a specific pattern in the fabric.
(Lots of threading, tying, and winding happens before I can begin weaving!)